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The EDM Fan’s Guide to an Epic Summer Eurotrip (2016)

You’ve planned a once-in-a-lifetime Europe trip. You’re psyched to sightsee your way through Europe with your friends and immerse yourself in European culture – At the same time, you feel FOMO for missing EDC & summer festivals stateside.

Just because you’re taking an Eurotrip doesn’t mean you are obligated to visit museums all day! Raves are very much a part of European culture, so in my opinion it should be high on your list as a dedicated EDM fan!

Here’s rundown of EDM scenes in the most popular Eurotrip destinations. Continue Reading

Rave Friends
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An App That Finds You New Rave Friends!

Finding good rave friends is never easy. If you’re like me, then you might have, at some point, missed out on an event because no one from your crew wanted to go with you. They’re too busy, have a new girl/boyfriend, can’t hang on a weeknight, don’t like the same music… or another one of those million excuses.

You don’t have to go alone or sit out on the party, there’s an app for you to find new going out buddies  Continue Reading


American vs. European Rave Fashion Trends

Going from being an American-bred raver to an immigrant raver on European lands, one of the first differences that struck out to me about the scene here was the rave fashion. I was glad I didn’t arrive decked-out in my finest American rave gear because I definitely would have been the odd one out! The biggest visible difference between European and American rave culture is definitely in the attire, and here’s the run-down on the main differences. Continue Reading

Featured image by Ronnie C Photography
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Rave Challenge Part 2: Don’t face the DJ when you dance

I was brought to my first EDM festival by a guy. It was Ultra Music Festival in Miami in 2012 and I was a rave newbie hanging with a couple of rave veterans who taught me everything I needed to know over the span of a weekend – PLUR, exchanging kandi, lightshows, and all that amazing stuff that make us fall in love with raving for the first time. Transitioning from a clubber to a raver, I soaked up the new knowledge eagerly like a sponge. I had never seen so many colors, lights, and sounds and I stared wide-eyed at everything around me, and I was especially unable to peel my eyes off the sensational stages. My boy would always thoughtfully stand me in front of him and make sure I could see the DJ, unobstructed. At the climax of day one, when the DJ played my favorite track, I joyfully turned around to dance with the boy who brought me there. I wanted to dance with him and show him how happy I was to be there!  He laughed at me softly and said as he turned back me around, “Why are you facing me? You should be facing the DJ!” Continue Reading

Festival News

10 Reasons To Check Out the Q-Dance Stage at TomorrowWorld

I’ll never forget my first Q-Dance event. It was at TomorrowWorld at its inaugural edition in 2013. There was so much to see at TomorrowWorld, but I made sure to spend a couple hours at Q-Dance as it was not every day that you get to see the harder styles played in the US. Hard dance was and is an underappreciated genre in the US, but although the audience at the stage was sparse the whole weekend, for me it was one of the things that made TomorrowWorld my favorite festival ever. Continue Reading