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Sun Soaked with Kaskade

Ever since Electric Daisy Carnival, I’ve been wanting to go on a vacation and relax instead of raging. Work has been slow since we only have summer school hours (perks of working at an elementary school), my graduate program just started back up for the summer quarter, and I was craving an adventure. When I first heard rumors that Kaskade was interested in organizing a special beach show in Long Beach, California for the West Coast massive I knew I already had a destination. Who could resist chilling on the beach, getting sun soaked, and listening to Kaskade?! Continue Reading


Artist Spotlight: Psy Fi

This year has been a year of discovering new music and expanding horizons, but with so many new and upcoming artists on the rise, how can you make yourself stand apart from the others?  It’s a tough task, and it’s the very reason why everybody should be on the lookout for rising star Miles Ross, otherwise known as Psy Fi. Continue Reading

Lifestyle & Culture

The Dream Destination: Dreamstate SF

In 2015, Insomniac presented trance fan’s their dream festival: Dreamstate. Launching from SoCal and expanding around the world, Dreamstate has been slowly taking over, allowing dreamers to dream again. To many, trance is not just about the music, but also a way of life. Trance embodies the PLUR lifestyle bringing peaceful, loving, unifying, and respectful ravers together to dance under a sea of lasers. Out all of the festivals and events that I have ever attended, Dreamstate has always reminded me that the love is still alive in our scene. Trance not only has talented and gifted producers, but the events attract so many amazing vibes from equally amazing people. Over Memorial Day Weekend, trance lovers gathered from all over gathered in San Francisco for their dream destination: Dreamstate SF. Continue Reading

Festival News

The Best of Phoenix Lights: The Lights Return!

With festival season 2017 starting off with a bang with Ultra Miami and Beyond Wonderland just weeks ago, I finally was able to kick off this year with a new festival, Phoenix Lights! After attending Decadence Arizona 2016, I already knew that Relentless Beats threw amazing events and put together such diverse line ups, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to head back to Phoenix. Continue Reading

Lifestyle & Culture

Raver Spotlight: Rosie the Rose King

A couple years ago, I noticed someone who kept liking my photos with the name @rosietrk (for those of you wondering, his real name is Nate). Almost all of his pictures were selfies with him in his white stormtrooper helmet with people he met at events. Why the helmet? “Why not?”asked Nate, “I didn’t put much thought into it aside from when I saw Hardwell in San Francisco and the fact that I loved his song “Spaceman.”” We eventually became friends over Instagram, became real life friends at POP NYE 2014, and ever since I’ve always seen him at every event I go. He’s one of the few people I feel comfortable to be extra weird around, continuously talk smack to, and vibe with at raves. So, who exactly is Nate? Continue Reading