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Endless Sea 2017: Beyond Wonderland iHeartRaves Outfit Inspo

As a true iHeartraves rave gear addict, staying on top of new collections and trends is basically like my religion. When Insomniac Events announced Endless Sea as the theme for Beyond Wonderland, I was ecstatic because the Majestic AF Collection intertwined seamlessly with it. I’d already been graced with seeing some of these (seriously) Majestic AF outfits on iHeartraves Snapchat story, so I was excited for them to do a full reveal of all the outfits that could turn anyone into a PLURmaid, cyber space babe, and tie dye dreamer with holographic shorts, light up body suits, fishnet crop tops, and color changing flip pasties! Continue Reading


10 Stunning Rave Makeup Ideas For Colorful Rave Babes

Stepping through the entrance to a rave takes you out of reality and throws you into the realm of fantasy. You’re enchanted by the main stages, spellbound by the music, hypnotized by the light shows, and adrenalized by the surging energy pulsating through the crowd in synchronicity to the rhythms- whether it’s mystifying vocal trance or heart stopping bass drops. Continue Reading