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What I Hope To See at Escape: Psycho Circus 2016

It’s almost October, which means it is almost time to return to the Psycho Circus! Insomniac is getting ready to put on the 6th edition of it’s Southern California festival: Escape. Escape is set to be held at the NOS Center in San Bernardino on October 28-29 Other than EDC, Escape has always been my favorite festival, and I have high hopes for this year! Here are some things I would like to see.  Continue Reading

Festival News

Don’t Miss The Biggest Bass Camp Yet!

A lot of us are experiencing EDC withdrawals right now. Yes, it’s a real thing. While some are preparing for HARD Summer, Nocturnal Wonderland, HARD Day of the Dead, and Escape: Psycho Circus; there’s not much for the Northwest Rave Family. However; in Lake Tahoe there’s a festival called Bass Camp, and this year is Bass Camp’s biggest year! Continue Reading


A Look At Up and Coming Live Electronic Hybrid CITIZUN

One of the great things about EDM is, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone! With so many artists, there’s many different sounds for different personalities, and the artists even perform in different styles. There are artists who use CDJs, there’s artists who use vinyl, and there’s artists who play their music live. In this a new series I’m doing, where my goal is to find talent that you probably never heard of, and show them off to you! My first artist that I want to introduce is the Los Angeles based group: Citizun.  Continue Reading

Festival News

What Does Dreamstate Mean For EDCLV

One of the best things Insomniac has done in the past year is add Dreamstate. Over the years many Trance lovers have complained that Insomniac hasn’t had enough trance, and Dreamstate was the answer. So everything is great now, right? Everyone is happy? Well, not so fast.  Continue Reading

Skrillex is the headliner for the Spacewhale event

All is Fair in Love And Space Whale

One of the most important and underrated things at most music festivals is the art. Promoters often call for artists to design unique sculptures or paintings to display their event, to make it more visibly pleasing. Well on May 27, Fresh Bakin’ is holding a fundraiser, entitled: The Space whale, to help raise money for the newest art piece to be displayed at the Burning Man Festival, and Skrillex is headlining! Continue Reading