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EDC Week Charity Auction: Creating Opportunities for Everyone

For the third year in a row now, Insomniac has held an EDC Week Charity Auction featuring once-in-a-lifetime experiences with some of the most influential names in the dance music industry, all in efforts to raise funds for local nonprofit organizations. Since the launch of this auction, Insomniac has raised more than $200,000. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada will receive 100 percent of the funds that are donated from this year’s Insomniac’s EDC Week Charity Auction. What would you bid on, a chance to pop champagne with Armin Van Buuren at EDC or maybe to meet Herobust and watch his set at the Basspod on stage?! Continue Reading

Festival News, Inside Scoop

Wobbleland and Wubs with Unicorns

 My neck AND back…Wobbleland 2017, you were absolutely one of the top five events I have ever attended. The artists, the venue, the crowd, and the overall experience was something unforgettable. Vital Events may have out did themselves this year. I also had the pleasure of frolicking as a part of the iHeartRaves Unicorn Crew and couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend the weekend with.  Continue Reading

Inside Scoop

Experience: West Coast vs. East Coast

During this non-festival season time I like to think about all the different festivals across the country throughout the year. Trying to figure out which one my friends and I want to go to to get the best rave experience possible!  I currently live on the west coast but I am not biased about which coast is better. (Everyone is going to have an opinion, which is their own to be proud of) There are plenty of pros and cons to every rave no matter where it is. Ticket prices, camping, security, vibes, and venues all contribute to how well a festival is labeled to ravers on their list of best raves they’ve been too.  (I asked a few of my fellow ravers to help me out on this one) Continue Reading

Lifestyle & Culture

How Being a Unicorn Changed My Confidence

To start I’m 5’2″, 125 lbs., thick thighs with a butt and small boobs. Now that we got that covered, I wouldn’t consider myself the hottest girl nor the ugliest. I like any girl have some self-consciousness especially in rave gear. It wasn’t that I thought I was too fat, too short, or too ugly but I just wasn’t happy on the inside to love the outside. I want to point out that I never thought I looked terrible in rave outfits, there was just something not fulfilling when I wore them or any clothes really. My self-confidence wasn’t where it should’ve been at. 

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