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Festival Makeup Inspiration: 80’s Glam Rock

I’ve always been one of those “artsy” types, so I love the potential for creative expression that comes with putting together the perfect rave or festival outfit! I get really into it, and I’m always keeping my eyes open for new ideas that will make an outfit stand out a little bit more and make it a little more memorable.

I hate the idea of blending in and looking similar to everyone else, so I often look for something different and interesting to incorporate into an outfit I’m planning. One way I know I can always find inspiration is by looking to the styles of makeup and clothing worn by different subcultures, and borrowing ideas that I can sort of combine with my regular rave attire. Today, I’m particularly interested in the Glam Rock style that was characteristic of many rockstars in the UK and USA during the 1970’s and 1980’s…most specifically the makeup. Continue Reading


13 Easy Halloween Rave Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning that kick-ass rave costume for all of the upcoming Halloween EDM events! There’s going to be a lot of events going on this year so this Halloween is the one to really go all out for when you’re dressing up! planning the perfect costume will help make this Halloween an unforgettable experience! Here are some great costume ideas that you might find inspiring… Continue Reading

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Crazy Facts About 10 of EDM’s Most Loved Characters

One distinct part of rave culture that I’ve always thought was pretty fun is our universal love of our childhood cartoon/game characters! Even though a lot of us regularly rock these guys on our kandi, clothes, and accessories, most of us don’t know these crazy facts about their backgrounds. For example, did you know that Hello Kitty actually has a name (one that’s not “Hello Kitty”), and that the character was named after one of Alice’s cats in the Lewis Carroll novel Through the Looking Glass? I sure didn’t! I made this list of the ten characters that I’ve seen around the most often with some crazy facts about each one that you probably don’t know. Check it out!  Continue Reading

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15 Simple Kandi Hacks!

Hey everyone! I’ve compiled a list I want to share with you of some tips and tricks that I picked up during my time making kandi. These are mostly things that I had to learn about the hard way through from my own mistakes or awkward moments, so I hope some of you out there can learn from them! Continue Reading

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Kandi Dilemma: When Is It Acceptable To Sell?

I love everything about EDM, the EDM community, and its culture…the music, the events, the dancing, the poi spinning, the outfit planning, the people I meet…and I love neon and fluffies and things that light up…and I love kandi.

Kandi is one part of rave culture that’s especially important to me (and not to brag, but I make some pretty sick kandi). Continue Reading