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Headbangers Unite! Lost Lands is Coming

As of October 2nd, the area known as Thornville in Ohio may very well not exist as it is today; instead it is quite possible as of that day all that remains is a massive crater in the ground with ensuing wreckage comparable to that of the legendary Pompeii disaster; just instead of volcanic ash and city remnants, there will only be shards of broken rails, half torn speakers, and filth-engulfed stage debris.
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Lifestyle & Culture

Thefts at Festivals: A Growing Problem

The growth in popularity of music festivals has been a wonderful thing for fans of all music across the globe. We live in a time where festivals run rampant, and around every corner, at just about every time of the year, we can collectively quiver in elation for yet another announcement of a new or returning festival.

That said, such a sonic boom of festivals, EDM notwithstanding, can come with its downfalls as well; one of which is growing into a crucial problem that not only needs addressing but full-on worldwide public attention as well. Continue Reading


The Era of the Female Vocalist

We are in such an amazing place today in the world of music. Creativity, innovation, and the ability to discover incredible talent at any given moment is at an all-time high across all wavelengths, especially in EDM.

Another great occurrence is happening at an ever-growing rate in music as a whole, but is especially frequent in electronic music: the discovery of powerful female vocalists.

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Blunts & Blondes: The Habitual Neck Breaker

One of the best parts of living in the electronic music realm is the vast amount of talent swimming in the underground that someone can point to as one of the best in the game and can be considered a treasure to a certain legion of fans. The ability for these names to put themselves on the map and rise up like Lazarus is something truly special that exists in this world, and in one fell swoop these artists can become household names.

If you live in Florida, especially in the Tampa and Orlando areas, you may very well know the next artist in the on-deck circle lurking and waiting to hit his next home run. And if you’ve had the fortune of seeing him at his residency at The Amphitheatre (or currently The Ritz), at the bass stage at Sunset Music Festival, or setting the tone for Zomboy in Miami, odds are you know exactly who I am referring to and feel the same way.

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EDM Artists to Watch in 2017: Three Categories

Last Year, I busted out my crystal ball and attempted to predict who would be best of the best in EDM in the year 2016. And by best of the best, I mean who would break out, who would be on the rise, and who would reign supreme above them all. It could mean a major rise in crossover popularity, or commercial success, or taking over the EDM scene, there is a myriad of ways these lists came together.

The previous inaugural list seemed to have more hits than misses (NGHTMRE, Jai Wolf, Alison Wonderland, and Martin Garrix specifically), and I figured why not try my luck once again for 2017.

So, with a new year getting ready to begin, here is my list for those three categories: the breakout stars, the on the rise artists, and the artist of the year, as well as samples of their music below each category. Feel free to comment with your opinions on my list, as well as with names of your own.

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