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The 5 Sterotypical Things All Ravers Do

Being a raver is such a positive thing! We are all about good vibes, always there for each other, and on top of that have such a good time at raves, but sometimes the rest of the world doesn’t look at us in that way. Ravers seem to have a lot of horrible stereotypes that we get labeled with. Here are the 5 stereotypes that seem to follow us the most!

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Lifestyle & Culture

#100DaysOfGoodVibes: The Journey To Bring The PLUR Vibes Back!

I always seem to be on a never ending search for things that make me feel good and help me to spread lots of PLUR vibes. Recently, I had been bottling up a lot of the stress that had built up overtime and I started to feel very overwhelmed and out of control. I’m sure all of you can relate. When things in multiple areas of your life get complicated, it gets harder to find peace and love through all the stress and struggle! You start paying more attention to the negative than you do the positive in your life, and as I know all too well, once I forget to think positive thoughts and start thinking things like, “What the hell, I don’t feel like doing this, this is too much to handle, today is gonna be terrible”, all of those horrible stressful moments seem to multiply as the positives seems to shrink. Continue Reading

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If You Want To Be A DJ, Be Prepared For These 4 Things!

I follow lots of DJs on Instagram, and I’m never bored of all the amazing pics they post! From the great music they put out, to the beautiful parts of the world they get to see, and the epic parties they attend, it’s easy to see why people dream of being a DJ.

I am a huge supporter of following your dreams and being exactly who you want to be in life, but I also think that you should be fully aware of every aspect of the dream you are chasing. Sometimes we only see one side of things, and it’s usually the good side. I have a brother who is in the music industry, and although he’s not an EDM DJ, I see the rough and tough aspects of the industry that people don’t realize looking from the outside in. Continue Reading


Turn a Regular Bra Into The Perfect Rave Bra!

When it comes to making a DIY rave bra, the possibilities are endless! You can create a bra with a theme, favorite colors, flashy, super girly, and so much more! Sometimes we want to make a new rave bra but we get kind of lost on exactly what we want it to look like, or sometimes we don’t necessarily feel so creative and think we ourselves can’t create something as pretty. Making a new rave bra creation is not just for the natural born arts and craft gurus, anybody can make something stunning! With the right item or two we can make a beautiful rave bra creation! Sometimes I have no idea what i want to make, but if I have a few essentials in front of me, I’m always able to throw something together that turns out gorgeous, and so can you! If you’re looking to create something special, with at least one or even a few of these items below you are guaranteed to make something great! Continue Reading