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The Sluttiness is Debatable: Part II

Everyone is entitled to their opinions about rave culture and fashion. However you view the community and its fashion trends is up to you. It is an undeniably controversial topic within the community. Some people fully embrace it and others may shy away from it. In Part 1 we talked about how rave fashion is expressive, liberating, and though it may be risque, it isn’t necessarily slutty. The reasoning and intentions behind your actions are what truly define them. Therefore, if you are dressing at your own comfort levels, no matter how little or much clothing that may be, it would then be considered a form of expression. Considering the amount of people who love to rock pasties and booty shorts, it’s safe to say many share this point of view. However, there is another side of the community who doesn’t. Continue Reading

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How EDM is Connecting the World

“Music is a universal language.”

You have probably heard this saying sometime in your life, and you don’t have to think about it for too long as it already makes sense: Music brings people together despite language and cultural barriers. We can see this at our very own EDM festivals, events, and rave gatherings.

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