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Bass Heads Vs. Trance Fam: Bringing an End Genre Shaming

After being a part of this loving and inclusive EDM community for several years now, I’ve come to realize that all genres are definitely not considered equal. For a community which prides itself on its love and acceptance of others, there is a great deal of animosity between those who fell in love with different genres. With any type of music, there are “genre snobs” who critique those with different tastes, but none seem such a dichotomy as Trance and Bass. Continue Reading


Best of Festival Fashion Trends 2015

2015 was a year full of amazing innovations in rave wear. Festival goers always bring their best, and we were beyond impressed! As new fashion favorites entered the scene, ravers let their creativity shine through in styling the pieces. At the beginning of 2015, we did a trend forecast and now we get to take a look at at some of the most popular trends of the past year!

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Raver at a Rap Show

EDM is my first love. I’ve been to more EDM festivals than I can count, and I always have such an amazing time. Sometimes though it can be so fun to shake things up a bit and go to shows which are completely different. I was lucky enough to see A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator a few nights ago at the same venue which USC Events holds many of their annual events, and let me tell you it was an incredibly different experience.

Although it was a very different environment, I still had an incredible time and it was so fun to hear many different styles of music. The differences in how this event handled health and safety precautions were extreme, but after experiencing this I wonder if this is a good thing. Here are some of the biggest things I noticed throughout the night:

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Scalpers and Scammers: Perils of Secondhand Tickets

Festivals aren’t cheap; If you’ve been in this scene for any amount of time then you know the struggle of spending your entire paycheck on groceries, bills and, of course, concert tickets. For many, we scrape by to squeeze out those extra dollars so we can have these experiences and still have food on the table.

Very few of us can afford to pay any more than the absolute lowest price for tickets. We might have to wait until just before the show to be able to afford the ticket. If we are lucky, we can afford to buy an extra early bird ticket for a friend who doesn’t have the money right then, and give it to them when they have the money to spare. That’s PLUR.

Sometimes however, the show sells out before we get the chance to buy the ticket, and the love and respect of our community is truly put to the test. Continue Reading

Lifestyle & Culture

Express Yourself: Hoops Aren’t Just for Kids [Video]

Flow arts have always been a huge part of the festival scene. People practice all kinds of different flow arts from swinging poi around and those crazy LED hula hoops to gloving and orbiting. Despite the stigma that surrounds gloving, it is such an incredible form of self-expression and a true art. I had always loved watching glovers at festivals, but I never really understood how much joy they brought to people, and never thought about actually becoming a flow artist myself.

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