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The Rock & Lin-Manuel Miranda presents “Millennials: The Musical”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has teamed up with American actor and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda to compose a musical that speaks to us all that debut on YouTube last Tuesday. The Rock, well, does not need any introductions. If you have been living underneath a rock . . . get it . . . these past few years then you probably have missed out on some of his hilarious interviews, movies and video-blogs. His partner for this amazing piece of social commentary is no other than Grammy winning, Tony awarded and Pulitzer Prize recipient Miranda. You’ve probably heard of his recent work, Hamilton, that has been circulating political news lately.    Continue Reading

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A (Jaded) Raver Return To EDC

After taking a year off, I attended my 8th Electric Daisy Carnival. Which also happened to be the 20th Anniversary of the iconic festival hosted by Insomniac Events. I, like many seasoned ravers, have uttered the phrase: “This is going to be my last EDC”. And like the many, we have failed multiple of times to live that statement through.

Many things have inspired my return to my favorite festival: My travel partner returning home from her duty in the Peace Corps, the 20th birthday of EDC and my crews itching to return to Vegas and rage. These are just a few reasons, but do you really need a reason to go back to E. D. Mother Effin’ C! Continue Reading


Paper Rave to Inpetto “How We Used To Do”

German house duo Inpetto just released their fifth single, “How We Used To Do”, on Laidback Luke’s label, Mixmash Records. Another addition for Marco and Drik Duderstadt, the two brothers behind the Inpetto alias, that carries on their piano-house sound. 

“How We Used To Do” is a funky track that dances its way around different styles of Continue Reading

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Things I Will Miss From (Not Having) TomorrowWorld 2016

After the chaos of last year, rumors of TomorrowWorld’s absence in 2016 quickly circulated around the Internet like a wildfire on a dry summer’s day. The rumors were finally grounded in reality early Tuesday morning after TW made the announcement that the sovereign grounds of Chattahoochee Hills will not host the fourth installment of TW. The cancellation of the festival was heavily speculated after SFX announced their bankruptcy. Continue Reading