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EDC ReBirth: New Friends, New Adventures, Same Feels

It has been almost a month since the 21st Electric Daisy Carnival. Since then, I have had time to process all the feelings and emotions that I had felt on that scorching hot weekend in the deserts of Las Vegas. Sorry for the delay in letting y’all about my feelings but I mean, we all have day jobs.

If you want my review of the event itself, then I’ll simply just say it was pretty f***ing awesome. This is just going to be about my *shudders* feelings and emo stuff. There were some ups and downs but the production was sick, and there was a large pool of talent. Even though the good always outweighs the unpleasant, the bad always leave a stain on the beautiful picture of EDC I’ve composed from the fleeting memories I’m struggling to preserve. Continue Reading

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Dreamstate SF 2017: A Trance Reunion

What started off as a manifestation of a trance lover’s wet dream has now evolved into a movement for what once was thought as a dying genre. Growing up in the-middle-of-nowhere-Visalia-California, I was surrounded by cows, immigrants trying to find their American Dream through their children and radio stations flooded with rap and hip-hop (the booty shaking music). Trying to find my taste in music, I found salvation through old CDs that had classic tracks such as Tiesto’s “Traffic” or ATB’s “Ecstasy” burned onto it. In my teens, I would imagine myself to be at a ‘90s rave as “Sandstorm” blared its dun-dun-dun onto the dancefloor, surprising my dates while they are still stuck on the dance moves associated with “Get Low.” Continue Reading

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The Phases of Adulting During Festival Season

As time catches up to our bodies, the lingering thought of ending our festival shenanigans becomes more and more frequent. In fact, every time a raver utters, “This is my last EDC” an angel snaps a piece of kandie. Let’s not forget the humiliation from being chastised by your friends for wanting to grow up. So there’s actually no better time to realize that you’re an adult then now as festival season approaches. Remember, you’re a mature adult, and music festivals are for kids. Continue Reading

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Dreamstate SF 2017 and the LAST PHORIA SHOW AT RUBY SKYE!!!

Brace yourself, Dreamers, because Dreamstate is on the horizon. Some Americans will be spending their Memorial Day weekend drinking a chill beer and BBQ’ing with their immediate families, saluting the fallen soldiers that have given up their lives for our freedom. However, for some of us in San Francisco, we’ll be honoring those with our extended Trance Families at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on Saturday and Sunday. Continue Reading

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Niko Zografos Shares A Piece Of Mind After 3 Years of PHORIA

March is a big month for Phoria Events as the San Francisco team gears up to celebrate their third anniversary on Friday, the 10th. Legendary trance DJ John Askew will be headlining the triple-header event at Ruby Skye with supporting acts from ReOrder in his SF debut and Indecent Noise with a “Hard Trance Classics” set. Bay Area native DJ Blurr will be providing the local support. Continue Reading