Artist Spotlight: Psy Fi

This year has been a year of discovering new music and expanding horizons, but with so many new and upcoming artists on the rise, how can you make yourself stand apart from the others?  It’s a tough task, and it’s the very reason why everybody should be on the lookout for rising star Miles Ross, otherwise known as Psy Fi.

Photo taken by: Lucas James


Inspired by contemporary classical music, architecture, and movie scores, Psy Fi set out to tell a story through his music and created his masterpiece, TOTALITY. Psy Fi’s non-electronic influences have allowed him to create the final product that does not sound similar to other electronic artists and are based on feelings, visual aesthetic, and a tonal voice. His latest album TOTALITY was constructed into a continuous mixed album that takes the listener on an uninterrupted journey of bassy melodic music and captures the voice and feeling that he felt while creating each song. 


Photo taken by: Jesse Rather

Before setting off on his album tour, Psy Fi latched onto the idea of sharing a story with his fans by bridging the gap between visual and audio. Since his music was heavily inspired by movies, Psy Fi figured a heavily visual show would give the listener/viewer into his mind. To bring his idea to life, Dumps, a close friend to Psy Fi, built a stage that would resonate both of their passions for storytelling, art, and music. Through this project, both learned an immense amount about graphic design, video, and stage building. Psy Fi’s determination to bring a story to life through his music and visuals are what set him apart from other electronic artists. He takes his viewers/listeners into a realm of his own creation, giving them a piece of his imagination. 

Photo taken by: Jesse Rather

If you love his album, keep your eyes peeled for a soon to be released remix album! Dying to see his epic audio/visual show? Come out to StillDream Festival from July 28-31 in Belden,California to experience the magic and hear his newest single, Aquarius, live! 

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