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An App That Finds You New Rave Friends!

Finding good rave friends is never easy. If you’re like me, then you might have, at some point, missed out on an event because no one from your crew wanted to go with you. They’re too busy, have a new girl/boyfriend, can’t hang on a weeknight, don’t like the same music… or another one of those million excuses.

You don’t have to go alone or sit out on the party, there’s an app for you to find new going out buddies wherever you are, called Party with a Local.

Party with a Local does just that – it connects people around you who want to party. The mandate of the app is to connect travelers and locals who want to share an epic night out together, but it’s not just a travel app, as locals can also connect with each other to plan to go out together. The common denominator of the users is that they love to party, so a fun night is guaranteed!

I discovered the app last summer and have had some super fun nights out with people I met via the app. One of my most memorable nights was when I met a German guy John from Hamburg who joined my Spanish friend Ismael and I to the club Razzmatazz in Barcelona on a Thursday night. We had an awesome night of drum & bass (Andy C was spinning) dancing on platforms, taking photos in the club’s photo booth, and ended up biking to the beach after the club closed at 6am to watch the sunrise. We took the metro home at 7am along with the morning commuters, trying not to look like we were up all night.

On the app, you can set your bio, upload photos, and fill out your party stats (for example, whether or not you drink, smoke, like bars, like clubbing, etc). You can set your party status (for example, “Who wants to see Madeon tonight at Exchange?”) so that other users can chat with you and join in on your plans. You can also just search users around you (or other destinations) and initiate chat with those who you’re interested in having a night out with. If you’re both down to go out, just arrange to meet up and it’s party time.

Party with a Local screenshots

When you travel, the app especially comes in handy. Every electronic dance music fan’s dream is to travel the world and go to all the best festivals, raves, and clubs. Using the app you can find rave friends in your destinations who have the same mindset as you and want to show you how they have a good time in their cities!

If you’re just looking to get insider nightlife tips on your travels without actually meeting up, you can also simply message locals on the app to ask.

The app is the brainchild of Aussie Dan Fennessy, who is an avid traveler (and partier). The idea was born to solve his own problems when he travels – he often ended up at tourist traps hanging out with other travelers from the hostel. These lackluster experiences are contrasted by phenomenal nights he has had through accidental encounters with locals. Because of this, he decided to build a community of people all over the world of like-minded, fun-loving people.

One of my favorite things about the app is the community around it; the Party with a Local team strongly discourages people to use it as a dating app instead of using it to party. The Party with a Local community management doesn’t hesitate to block anyone who’s using the app to find hook ups (users spamming users of the opposite sex, posting suggestive bios, etc). It even flat out says in the beginning that if you’re looking for a dating app, there are other apps for that. Since I’m in a relationship, I’m comfortable with using the app to make new rave friends. The app has an interesting mix of “party animals”, many of whom, in fact, are in groups or relationships, looking to make new like-minded friends to hang out with.

Try it out for your next event or on your travels!

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