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Own The Night: iHeartRaves Exclusive Eclipse Collection

We’ve seen rave fashion go through many changes. When iHeartRaves first started a little over four years ago, ravers were electric. Festivals were once a bright neon sea and over time the neon brights morphed into more pastel tones. We’re all about self expression, so we love that some ravers have started to feel the softer tones of pastels and earthy hues and are experimenting with all kinds of colors, textures, and styles. It has been a while since we’ve released a new line, and we’re so excited to finally bring you our newest collection!

With our Sugar Collection, we were loving the sweet kandi brights, and with our Lady Casa Collection, we channeled our inner divas and went bold. We’ve been dying to show off our love for black and little edge so this year we went deep, dark, and moody with the Eclipse Collection.

Eclipse features mostly black pieces so get ready to amp up the edge own the night rave babes! 

iheartraves-eclipse2eclipse_lookbook_02-1iheartraves-eclipse10 iheartraves-eclipse8  iheartraves-eclipse6 iheartraves-eclipse3




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