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5 Tips for Coachella Weekend 2

Coachella Weekend 1 is officially over. Though most people vie for Weekend 1 tickets, we all know Weekend 2 has it’s perks too! The best part of going Weekend 2 is hearing the stories from those who attended Weekend 1 and then making decisions on who you wanna see or what to do while you’re exploring festival grounds. Here are some of my favorite tips for all you Weekend 2 Coachella babes!


1. Front Porch Pops These were definitely a treat in the hot sun. We absolutely loved the Whoa Watermelon and the Ain’t Misbehavin’ Mojito popsicles. The flavors tasted so natural and I wish I had tried all of them! There are carts all around the festival, so if one ran out of a flavor you wanted to try, scope out a different cart. They’re $4 each, so it’s a little pricey, but definitely worth it!


2. The Do Lab Often overlooked since it’s kind of tucked away, The Do Lab is a great spot to get out of the heat and cool off. The vibes over there are more like Burning Man (obviously), which is fun to visit as a break from the rest of the festival. The design of the stage was a little less appealing to me this year, as it was closed off and less open for lounging within The Do Lab, but it was still a great place to go and listen to some great sets.

3. Finding Your Group At all of the stages, toward the center of the dance floor, there is a fenced off area with cameras and some lights/sound guys. The area around these fences are usually pretty open. The tents are always the most packed on the outer edges and by the doors, but if you can politely make your way more inward, you’ll find more room to dance. With no totems allowed, picking the front right corner, or the left side or where ever of this sound booth, was a great way for my friends and I to find each other. You can pick the same spot at all the stages, since they all have the same set up with this booth.


4. Art Installations While the 2015 caterpillar was no 2014 astronaut, he was still pretty cool. His transformation for Sunday was predictable, yes, but somehow it was still surprising to see the change. At night the butterfly is absolutely stunning. If you look at it at the right angle, you can see stage lights shining through it’s wings. The rainbow glowing tentacles (Chronic Chromatic) behind the Coachella Main Stage were also really beautiful at night. My other favorites were Big Horn Palace and Earthmover. The Corporate Headquarters was probably my least favorite. Was a little too forced if you ask me, but maybe there’s also some artistic irony in it being at Coachella. Who knows. Don’t get caught up in catching your favorite acts, remember to take some time to just explore festival grounds and appreciate all of the beautiful art installations!

5. Bathroom Breaks So the new amazing bathrooms they built…were super creepy. Also, they were shut down for “cleaning” which caused some chaos on night one. So what I recommend instead, is taking the porta potty route. WAIT, let me finish. Toward the back of the porta potties are some air conditioned, flushing trailer restrooms. There are mirrors and running water to wash your hands, and the line is only usually a few minutes longer than the porta potties. Insider tip: There’s a men’s and a women’s door on these, but you can use both doors since you’re already in the gender separated areas. A lot of drunk people don’t realize this, so one side is often empty. 

Hope these tips help you have a wonderful Weekend 2! 😉


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