The Era of the Female Vocalist

We are in such an amazing place today in the world of music. Creativity, innovation, and the ability to discover incredible talent at any given moment is at an all-time high across all wavelengths, especially in EDM.

Another great occurrence is happening at an ever-growing rate in music as a whole, but is especially frequent in electronic music: the discovery of powerful female vocalists.

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Groove Cruise Miami 2017 Tips, Tricks, and Outfit Picks with Adina Butar!

Groove Cruise Miami sets sail on Monday, Jan. 23, and won’t return to port until Friday, Jan. 27. The 3,400-passenger Carnival Victory will leave from the Port of Miami and en route to Grand Turk in a Bachnaleanesque four days of partying; filled with insane costumes, amazing sights, and a non-stop set list of trance, progressive, and underground music. Headliners include Cosmic Gate, Dash Berlin, Lee Foss, Markus Schulz, and Umek. There are 8 costume themes scheduled over the course of the four 4 days which means there are ample opportunities to let those attending the cruise to dress up and party! Still packing for that many themes and planning a voyage that is as insane and crazy as Groove Cruise can be a little daunting. I got the opportunity to speak with songstress and Markus Shulz collaborator Adina Butar and get some tips for how to handle such an undertaking, learn a little more about her personal style, and got some scoop on her new single w/ Shulz!

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Gem & Jam 2017 features Gramatik, Mark Gordon of Phish, and a Greatful Dead Tribute!

The Gem & Jam Festival is returning for the 11th installment of the in Tucson, Arizona this February 3rd through the 5th and happens to coincide with the Tucson Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Showcase. Though in the past it has been held downtown in AZ this year organizers revealed the event would be moved to a larger and more beautiful location: Pima County Fairgrounds. This new location offers 640 acres for gem and mineral exhibits, workshops, dancers, visual performers, art gallery installations, special late night sets, three stages, a lineup of over 50 artists, and for the first time in Gem and Jam history ON-SITE CAMPING! Continue Reading


Blunts & Blondes: The Habitual Neck Breaker

One of the best parts of living in the electronic music realm is the vast amount of talent swimming in the underground that someone can point to as one of the best in the game and can be considered a treasure to a certain legion of fans. The ability for these names to put themselves on the map and rise up like Lazarus is something truly special that exists in this world, and in one fell swoop these artists can become household names.

If you live in Florida, especially in the Tampa and Orlando areas, you may very well know the next artist in the on-deck circle lurking and waiting to hit his next home run. And if you’ve had the fortune of seeing him at his residency at The Amphitheatre (or currently The Ritz), at the bass stage at Sunset Music Festival, or setting the tone for Zomboy in Miami, odds are you know exactly who I am referring to and feel the same way.

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Raver Resolutions

The term “New Year’s Resolutions,” might trigger other words like, “boring” or “cliché.” After all, if you’re reading this, you’re probably involved in the rave community and you’re anything but boring. And who says we should change the beautiful and unique souls that we’ve grown to be? Of course, there’s always room for growth to be a better version of your already wonderful self. Check out these four Raver Resolutions and become the best possible version of your already beautiful and unique soul in 2017.

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