Ready For The Biggest Pool Party in Arizona?

Arizona rave fam where you at?! Wet Electric presented by Activated Presents and Relentless Beats returns for its 7th edition, Saturday, April 29th, to Big Surf Waterpark in Tempe, Arizona. This year, attendees’ of Wet Electric will have the first chance to experience Big Surf Waterpark before it opens to the public! There are so many perks to this event Continue Reading

Festival News

Lightning in a Bottle’s Making A Splash

Lightning in a Bottle has always made their mark on Memorial Day Weekend festivities you can’t miss out on. With a killer line up, amazing festival culture, and stunning location, Lightning in a Bottle is one of Southern California’s premiere festivals. This year, for the first time in the history of the festival, Continue Reading

Lifestyle & Culture

The 5 Sterotypical Things All Ravers Do

Being a raver is such a positive thing! We are all about good vibes, always there for each other, and on top of that have such a good time at raves, but sometimes the rest of the world doesn’t look at us in that way. Ravers seem to have a lot of horrible stereotypes that we get labeled with. Here are the 5 stereotypes that seem to follow us the most!

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Endless Sea 2017: Beyond Wonderland iHeartRaves Outfit Inspo

As a true iHeartraves rave gear addict, staying on top of new collections and trends is basically like my religion. When Insomniac Events announced Endless Sea as the theme for Beyond Wonderland, I was ecstatic because the Majestic AF Collection intertwined seamlessly with it. I’d already been graced with seeing some of these (seriously) Majestic AF outfits on iHeartraves Snapchat story, so I was excited for them to do a full reveal of all the outfits that could turn anyone into a PLURmaid, cyber space babe, and tie dye dreamer with holographic shorts, light up body suits, fishnet crop tops, and color changing flip pasties! Continue Reading