Escape: Psycho Circus – Dance With Us At These 4 Sets!

Halloween is a raver’s favorite holiday! At least, it should be. Ravers dress up all the time at festivals, but Halloween is the time to go all out. This Halloween, Mama Unicorn and I will be heading out to Escape: Psycho Circus. We can’t wait to show you our outfits, and we can’t wait to meet all of you! Aside from meeting all of you, we’re stoked to catch all the amazing artists at the NOS Center. If you wanna catch us at Escape, here are the 4 sets we’re looking forward to the most at Escape! Continue Reading

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The Struggles of an Adulting Raver

Raving brings all people of different ages together for the music, culture, and lifestyle. There isn’t a ‘right’ age to experience your first rave and that’s the beauty of it, but once you start there’s no going back. The rush to attend as many events as possible becomes addicting and sometimes real life takes the back burner. Unfortunately, real life catches up and we’re forced to face reality; debt begins racking up because money is spent on tickets, work performance decreases due to lack of energy, and relationships take a toll when one isn’t spending enough quality time with the other. Raving is a place to escape reality, but it can also be a place you learn how to grow up. Continue Reading

Festival News

Pismocean Makes A Splash in the Festival Scene

For the first time ever, Pismocean presents an experience as musically savvy as it is exciting. The only thing more intoxicating than kicking your feet out on the beach, stretching your toes through the sand, and spending time around those that you care about, is flailing around in a crowd of hundreds of friends and strangers to music that will rock your world. All this, while still at an alluring beach destination. This November 4th-6th, 35+ artists will be performing, on two different stages, at the beautiful Oceano State Dunes for a music marathon that is sure to make you love the beach even more. 
Continue Reading
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Get Ready for The Lunatic Tour with Rezz

In just 3 years, Canadian techno queen-in-the-making Rezz has already established herself as one of the top up-and-coming producers in all of electronic music. She has garnered an ever-growing mass following with a skyrocketing popularity and recognition from all walks of life in the EDM scene, including garnering high praise from the one and only Deadmau5 which now-a-days can be somewhat tough to come by.

Now hot off the heels of her wondrously dark techno-bass style EP “Something Wrong Here”, the leading lady of techno is set to hit the road on a huge North American tour alongside the mysterious masked musical maniac Malaa for what they are calling The Lunatic Tour. Continue Reading

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Overnight Festivals: Tricks to Being A Happy Camper

Camping festivals are a world of their own. They are my favorite; the vibes are unbeatable, and the party never stops. As a result of my obsessing for the next camp out, I prep early and excessively. As a result, here are some tips learned through trial and error. There’s a LOT to be said about camping fests, so I’m going to try to brief and keep an eye out for more in the future! Here are some words of advice focused on picking a campsite, sleeping soundly, and bringing food.  Continue Reading